A downloadable game for Windows

Furious that people might mistake candy for vikings, you take it out on your job as a human candy dispenser.

Earn cash by fulfill incoming orders of candy. One touch of your finger (don't ask why) on the correct type and size will magically do so.

If the candy isn't of the correct size, punch them with your fist of righteousness to split them into halves. 

Punching harder will split them faster but may also cause them to vaporize, destroying the entire candy.

Don't pick the wrong candy or let them fall off the left or you'll lose cash! Reach $0 and you'll lose your job!

Mouse to move your hand.

Hold Left Mouse Button to switch to finger mode.

Published Feb 01, 2014
Tagscandy, cash, fist, punch

Install instructions

Download and run the executable.


CrushTheCandy_1.0.0.0.exe 3 MB